Registration and Abstract Submissions


Click the button below to register and pay for the conference. Early bird registration is £135.00 until 30 April 2023. After this date, the price is £200.00. The conference dinner is an additional £30.00, which is separate from the registration fees.

Note that payments will be in GBP (£) and it will be handled by the University of Manchester’s on-line store (eStore).  You will be asked to create an account.

After completing the payment process, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a “Booking Confirmation Reference”.  You can also log back into the eStore to look up the details of your registration.

Return to this page at any time to submit an abstract using the form below.


£200.00 (+ £30.00 optional conference dinner)

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for this conference follows the policy of the University of Manchester eStore (available here).  The following table summarises the policy for your convenience — consult the eStore link for further details:

Time until start of conference Refund?
1 month or more Yes, full
Greater than 10 working days, but less than 1 month Yes, partial
10 working days or less No

Note: Due to amount of processing time required, we advise that you allow a few additional working days.

Studentship Application / Abstract Submission

After you have registered, submit your abstract by completing the form below. In your confirmation e-mail, you should have a Booking Confirmation Reference number, which you should enter into the first field.  If you would like to register after submitting your abstract, you can simply enter “N/A” instead.

Studentships are available for current students, provided you have checked the appropriate box below, at the time of abstract submission.  Studentships are valued at:

  • Travel from within Europe:  500 € (or equivalent)
  • Travel from outside Europe:  1,000 € (or equivalent)

An example has been provided for most fields, which you can click on to expand.  After submission, a copy of what you have submitted will be e-mailed to you to the address that you provide.

*Indicates required field.

    Example: SyntheticBio0000001

    Example: Jane L. Smith


    (Note that the email address may also appear along with your abstract.)

    Example: University of Genericville

    Example: How to Format and Submit an Abstract

    Jane L. Smith
    John Doe

    Enter or copy and paste your abstract into the window. Ensure there is at least one extra blank line between paragraphs. Simple formatting is achieved by using certain HTML tags, which appear in pairs, with the closing one having a slash (/) character. For example, this would appear in <i>italics</i>, while this would appear in <b>boldface</b>. The variable x to the power of two would be encoded like this: x<sup>2</sup>. Meanwhile, the variable n followed by i as a subscript would look like this: n<sub>i</sub>.